Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toledo United Professional Soccer

The local Professional team is called Toledo United. In the US, its like the A-League. One division down from the MLS (semi-pro). They compete in the BPFL (Belizean Premier Futbol League) where the winner gets a bid to the Central American Qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions Cup. Michael is their Head Coach. This is a wonderful opportunity to train the team, raise up coaches and live out the gospel for the soccer community. Pray with us as this grows.

New Super Hero 2

So we play that song from "Cheaper By the Dozen 2" ...... Im just your ordinary everday superhero....and Kaina comes out with this. She's a real live wire! Let the good times role!!!

Walking the Line

Ok so for those of you who have never been in the "bush" before its hard to describe. In the US you put up a fence to mark your property. Well, here, you chop down the bush to mark your property. Then you burn it.....and run like mad. Then burn it again.......then run like mad again. How do you like this tree we found. Its big, or like Justus said, "It's ginormous!" Sorry, I wish I could rotate that picture for you but....for now just turn your head. lol.

Talking with Zach and Cooper

So every so often you catch something monumental on film. This was one of them. The kids really hate talking over the internet because it makes them sad because they miss all of you. Well this phone call really lifted their hearts and you can see it on their face. Its one of those emotional situations thats hard to write about. Thank you Jesus for these moments in our family!

Easter @ The Voss House

Easter was a blast with the kids. There were not a whole lot of places to hide those "Ancient Babylonian Signs of Fertility" though. Hahahahaha. It was different but it was good. We missed you all!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

On the Set of "The Enemy God" #2

Here is Stephen, Pastor Timoteo and Michael Dawson getting "Bark" ready for action. The view is coming out of the church with the film crew running some track. Stephen and "Firelick" with the infamous machete. I won't tell, it would ruin the movie. We had some funny times with "Firelick." Hes a bad dudein the movie.

On the Set of "The Enemy God"

Its been amazing being actors in the movie "The Enemy God." ( We have met some life long friends in the Dawsons. We have been able to meet and befriend many of the Kektchi Indians that live near us as well. The kids had so much fun too! They got to shoot bows and arrows and get their clothes dirty. And if it was not enough dirt, Alison the make-up lady would come put dirt on them again. Man....what a life. Who would'nt want to be an actor!

The Hunt

So living in Belize has changed us a bit. We do many things by nature that we might not have done before. For intance, Summer hauling in a 3.5 foot Baracuda. The legend on the jaguar was that it went through the movie set one night. The iguana is 5 feet 8 inches long. Ms Shirleys boys, Michael and the Yanamamo guys we have at camp went hunting about 30 minutes and 3 miles back into the bush towards a location called Jordan. We caught about 15 Iguana that day and we all got to eat it. It taste like chicken if your wondering. The Belizeans bite the eggs and suck out all the yolk. It taste like a chicken yolk too.

Remodel Phase 3

The STTI (Southern Toledo Technical Instutute) course is held annually at Machaca. It a course run by a Canadian friend who teaches Belizeans how to do basic wiring. Well, our house was the final exam. So Michael, the kids and Juan ripped out all the wiring, outlets and light sockets in the whole house on a wednesday in March. The students came in on Thursday and Friday and rewired the whole house. So we got to camp in the house a couple nights without electricity. It was like Little House on the Prarie. lol.

Remodel Phase 2

The siding for the walls came in the day Bob and Allen had left. So Herman, Sylvester, Juan and Michael finished out the siding a week later. We had just received a huge care package from the Sanchez' family so we all got treated to "Tootsie Pops" each day. It sure made working more fun.

The Remodel of the House

So Allen and Bob came down from CC Murrieta and we made a second bathroom and another room from the existing square footage. Gary and Frederick, the interns here, the maintenance guys and myself framed it all out and put in the plumbing. We also attempted to "roll" the beams under the house back into postion. Bob and Allen were a huge blessing and we soooo appreciate the second toilet.

Sappodila Cayes with Gma and Gpa

Oh man! What an adventure! It was an amazing trip. Out in the middle of the Caribbean Sea all by yourself. It was beautiful sights and some amazing sea life. A trip for the record books. Summer hooked some of that wildlife in a 3.5 foot Baracuda. It was some good eating!

Grandma and Grandpa trip

Here are some more pictures from around the Machaca Outreach Center. Yep...they both took the jungle path at dusk! They had the kids and Belle to protect them though. lol.

Grandma Pam and Grandpa Don

Grandma Pam and Grandpa Don came to visit and boy were we excited! They took us to a bunch of places that we would have never been able to go with out them. We went to the Mayan ruins, the Sappodila Cayes out off the barrier reef and alomost all of the local places we frequent. It was great to have them stay at our house and do Christmas and Birthdays all over again in February. We had a great time.